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Team Collaboration

We cultivate a familiar environment, which applies to our team and gives security to the children. Mutual trust, an open atmosphere and a common pedagogical orientation are further essential prerequisites to reach this goal.

Management of the Kinderkrippe

There are three groups of mixed ages. Each child group is led by a group leader and is supported by a female/male apprentice or teacher / daughter an apprentice and a trainee.

Team collaboration

The group leaders meet weekly. They discuss about organizational and administrative matters. Furthermore, the group leaders exchange their experiences of the past week, discuss specific cases and clarify individual roles. The meetings enables the Management to reflect the educational work at any time. The regular team meetings contribute to a good and well preserved climate of mutual trust. They strengthen the individual supervisors in their work while guaranteeing an uniform orientation of the educational work. Experiences with new games, new tools and instruments and new textbooks are reviewed after a trial period. Results are discussed together.