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Gym hall

Through a variety of activities in the gymnasium specially rented for the daycare centre, the children learn holistic and versatile movement in a playful way. We dance, romp and jump around the sports hall together. Jumping is a motor skill that children acquire around the age of 1.5 to 2 years. Similar to running, jumping improves coordination and balance and strengthens the back muscles and legs. Catching games of all kinds are also fun for small children and make running fun. Older children also like more strategic games such as “catch the flag” or group games. Even the very youngest children love imaginative, playful yoga. We demonstrate the exercises and the children copy them. This strengthens muscles, trains the sense of balance, stretches ligaments and tendons and practises concentration.

Gym hall

Baking days

Once a week, we bake bread rolls, pizza, biscuits or cakes together. On these special days, we knead, beat, roll and mould. Baking is a wonderful activity that provides many sensory and fine motor learning experiences. The children really enjoy mixing the various ingredients, feeling the different textures with their hands and, of course, snacking a little in between. Once the work is done, we all sit down together and enjoy our home-baked treats. The children always really enjoy these baking days!


Forrest days

It is important to us that the children can experience exercise in the fresh air in a natural environment as often as possible. On these special days, we explore the forest together. The children play with what the forest has to offer and often enjoy collecting materials to make things. From time to time we also cook together in the forest.


Emergency service

Are you unable to pick up your child at the agreed time? No problem, you can contact us spontaneously (044 381 40 90) and we will look after your child until 20:00. The cost for additional childcare is CHF 25 per hour. A small snack is included.

Emergency service