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Angebot für Kinder

  • Musik machen in Rachels Kinderkrippe


    We like to sing a lot. We often sing songs from other cultures and languages. A large selection of instruments is available for the children to experience and feel the world of sounds and tones.
  • Musik machen in Rachels Kinderkrippe


    We experience and learn about the four seasons together. The children learn a lot about the customs and together we celebrate festivals such as Easter, Halloween, St Nicholas, Christmas, even Divali and much more.
    • Musik machen in Rachels Kinderkrippe


      We try to familiarise the children with the English language in a playful way. We sing and play together in English for one hour a day. Each child makes their own learning steps and experiences.
    • Musik machen in Rachels Kinderkrippe


      We offer the children the opportunity to explore and expand their environment with seasonal excursions. We are out and about for at least two hours every day. We either go into the forest, to the lake, to the stream or we take a walk to the farm or the botanical garden. The children also often play in one of the more than 20 playgrounds in our neighbourhood. We plan more than 5 big outings every year. For example to the zoo, to the dinosaur museum in the Aatal valley or to the Juckerfarm.
      • Musik machen in Rachels Kinderkrippe


        We practise understanding movement and rhythm together. The children learn the first elements of dance to music. Rhythmic movement sequences are practised (dancing and gymnastics). We enjoy dancing to Swiss music as much as to sounds from different parts of the world.
      • Musik machen in Rachels Kinderkrippe


        We attach great importance to creative design and expression. The children create age-appropriate collages and other works from a variety of materials. We work with paper, cardboard, wood, clay and natural materials such as leaves, stones, chestnuts and much more. The children have a wide range of crafting tools at their disposal. The children are introduced to the world of colour in various creative ways.