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Healthy food


The cook prepares the food. The children take part in setting the table and clearing it as and when possible. From time to time we also cook or bake together with the children.

Rachel’s crèche attaches great importance to a fresh, healthy and varied wholefood diet. Meals are prepared according to the weekly menu plan. Parents have access to the menu plan at all times and therefore have an overview of their child’s diet at all times.

We pay attention to any allergies the children may have and take into account the dietary requirements of other religions.

If you are still breastfeeding your baby, you can drop by the crèche at any time. We offer you a private room to be with your child in peace and quiet.
Expressed milk can also be given.

Baby food is made fresh every day from fruit and vegetables. If desired, we can make a meal plan for your baby together with the parents